Consolidate multiple Query Results into a single datasheet

=========REF: =========NOTES / WARNINGS---------Union queries drop out duplicate records by default! If you want all records, including duplicates, you need to include the term ALL after the term UNION Example:<SQL from one Query>UNION ALL<SQL from another query>UNION ALL<SQL from another query> =========HOW TO---------Create the select queries in Design view first, and then combine [...]

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Can I work with Microsoft Office documents on my iPhone, iPad, iTouch?

Yes! You can work with (Open, Edit, Save, Create New, etc) Microsoft Office documents on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, any iOS device. The best app we have found for doing so is Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite.This app hooks up to your DropBox account and allows you complete access to any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint [...]

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VBA: Table Record Count

=========REF:�� =========NOTES---------Be careful with the use of CurrentDb.TableDefs("TABLENAME").RecordCount option. It's only available to the system when it is using a certain cursorType in your calls to the database. The default cursorType is Forward-Only and will not show the RecordCount. The best option is to open a record set:     Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset ("6050c__DrawingWinners")Then check [...]

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VBA: Time and Date Functions

=========QUESTION: How do I add date  and/or time values to Access queries, VBA, etc...?   =========EXAMPLES:---------Day of the week of a given Date:Day: Weekday([TransDate])Day: IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=1,"Sun", IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=2,"Mon", IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=3,"Tue", IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=4,"Wed", IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=5,"Thu", IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=6,"Fri", IIf(Weekday([TransDate])=7,"Sat","nada"))))))) ---------The current month:DateSerial(Year(Date()), Month(Date()), 1) The next month:DateSerial(Year(Date()), Month(Date()) + 1, 1) The last day of the current month:DateSerial(Year(Date()), Month(Date()) + 1, 0) The [...]

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How do I add a PayPal button to a DotNetNuke web site?

=========REF:,guid,94277650-bd4c-445f-badf-b84646ecc8eb.aspx =========QUESTION: When I add a PayPal Buy Now, Donate, Add To Cart, etc button to my DotNetNuke web site, the button simply refreshes the page, nothing happens. =========ANSWER: 1. Remove the <Form> </Form> tags from your PayPal code.2. AddonClick="this.form.action=''; this.form.submit();" to the Buy Now input button. Example:<input onclick="this.form.action='';this.form.submit();" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's [...]

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How do I setup Google as an Exchange account on my iPhone?

=========REF:--------- =========How do I setup Google as Exchange account on my iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device? --Settings--Mail, Contacts, Calendars�--Add Account--Select Microsoft Exchange --In the Email field, enter your full Google Account email address. If you use an address, you may see an "Unable to verify certificate" warning when you proceed to the next [...]

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How do I block my phone number from telemarketers?

Cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies. You could start to receive sales calls and these calls will go towards your monthly usage. To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It blocks your number for five (5) years and you must call [...]

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Why can’t I send outgoing email through Qwest/CenturyLink?

=========ERROR MESSAGES:---------Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing smtp email serverIf you continue to receive this message contact your server administrator or Internet Service Provider =========RESOLUTION / NOTES:---------Several of our customers who utilize Qwest DSL as their ISP (Internet Service Provider) have called with issues where their email client is coming up with errors like cannot [...]

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