How do I find my web site’s IP Address?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I find my web site's IP Address?   ========= ANSWER --------- Logon to the Hosting Control Panel --------- Windows Hosting Accounts Click Domains Click the domain you are interested in working with Click Web Site Settings The third line down: Website IPThis is your web site's IP Address --------- [...]

How do I setup my email software?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I setup my email client software?   ========= ANSWER --------- We will use Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2003 as examples (see EXAMPLES) to give you an idea of the steps involved for whatever email client or software you may be using. --------- You may also use webmail instead of an [...]

What is the difference between a domain name and a web site hosting account?

========= QUESTION --------- I don't understand the difference between a domain name or domain name registration, and my web site hosting account? Can you please explain?   ========= ANSWER --------- A domain name is simply the address to reach your web site. Think of your domain name as your home address, for example: 1234 Main [...]

Access 2010: ‘Enable Content’ button for Network Files

========= QUESTION --------- Every time I open an Access Database from the network using Access 2010, I can't work in it until I click the [Enable Content] button. Is there a setting somewhere I can change to avoid this?   ========= ANSWER --------- Access 2010Select File, Options Select Trust Center, Trust Center Settings… --Macro Settings: [...]

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Import or Copy Website

========= QUESTION --------- How to copy a web site in its current layout or format.   ========= ANSWER --------- See REF   ========= EXAMPLES ---------   ========= APPLIES TO / KEY WORDS --------- Web Design Import Copy   ========= REF ---------   ---

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VBA: Change the Color of an Object

========= QUESTION --------- I need to change the color of an object from within my VBA code.   ========= ANSWER --------- See EXAMPLES   ========= EXAMPLES --------- Private Sub ReLinkTables_Click()  Me.ReLinkTables.BackColor = RGB(186, 20, 25) Me.ReLinkTables.ForeColor = Hex(FFF200) Me.CurrentStatusLabel.Caption = "Clicked: ReLink Tables" Me.CurrentStatusLabel.BackColor = Me.CurrentStatusLabel.ForeColor = vbWhite Me.CurrentStatus = _ "Opening Linked Table Manager" & [...]

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