Restrict a table to a single record

========= QUESTION --------- I use a table called Parms in my database to store application specific parameters.If a user accidentally added a record to this table, instead of simply editing the single record containing the appropriate values, it would cause major issues for the application. Is there a way to restrict a table to contain [...]

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Can I backup my VBA code?

========= QUESTION --------- I have been having a lot of trouble lately with my Microsoft Access database files being corrupted and losing all of my code. (a sometimes fix for this: The scary thing is even when I attempt to open the backups, they may work, but the code still disappears! Is there a [...]

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VBA: String Manipulation

========= QUESTION --------- What are some ways I can manipulate strings within VBA?   ========= ANSWER --------- see EXAMPLES   ========= EXAMPLES --------- Title field has values like: Company Manager, Company Assoc, Company Director, etc...Remove Company: =IIf([Title] is null,"",Replace([Title],"Company ",""))   ========= APPLIES TO / KEY WORDS --------- Microsoft Access String Manipulation Strings VBA   [...]

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View Available Wireless Networks is missing

========= QUESTION --------- I want to use Windows to configure my wireless network connections, but my computer or network hardware manufacturer's software has disabled this feature. How do I re-enable it?   ========= ANSWER --------- Windows XP The issue is the Wireless Zero Configuration service has been disabled or stopped. Open the Services applet from [...]

Error: Microsoft Access has stopped working

========= QUESTION --------- When opening a Microsoft Access database file, Access crashes with a pop up message stating: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Access -------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Access has stopped working  Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...  [Cancel] --------------------------------------------------------------------   Finally resulting in the following message: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Microsoft Access ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Microsoft Access has stopped working A problem caused the [...]

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Disk Space Analysis

========= QUESTION --------- How can I get a good view of how much disk space is being used by each folder in my hierarchy?   ========= ANSWER --------- Microsoft Windows --------- Mac OS   ========= EXAMPLES ---------see ANSWER   ========= APPLIES TO / KEY WORDS --------- Disk Space Hard Disk Disk [...]

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Access Database Server from Remote Host

========= QUESTION --------- Our web site is hosted on's web servers, and we need to access the MySQL or MSSQL database server from our local machines.   ========= ANSWER --------- LINUX HOSTING PLAN Login to the Hosting Control Panel Scroll down and click the Remote MySQL icon in the Databases section Enter the your [...]

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