Office 365 / Hosted Exchange: Hybrid Domain, Domain CoExistence

I want to setup a few of our email users on Office 365 or Hosted Exchange, but want to leave the bulk of our users still hosted on our regular IMAP/POP/SMTP server. Is this do-able?   --- Yes - simply follow these steps, and you will be all set: Setup the regular SMTP/POP/IMAP Mail Server: [...]

Gmail: Setup up alias to outside address

========= QUESTION ---------We use Gmail for our email service, and need to setup an email Alias@OurDomain to forward to Email@OutsideDomain - is this doable?   ========= ANSWER ---------Yes - simply setup a new Group, and then set the member(s) of that group to the Email@OutsideDomain email address.  Be sure to set the group to allow [...]

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How do I view a list of the domains I have registered with

I have several domains registered with How do I view the list? Logon to the Client Portal by following the steps listed here: Click Domains, and then My Domains This will list all of the domains you have registered with us, and allow you several functions to manage them. Including, but not limited [...]

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