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How do I remove an email account from Microsoft Outlook?

Before performing these steps, please be certain you do not need to first do a backup of the email account contents currently available to you in Outlook. Removing an account from Microsoft Oultook is irreversible, and any content you have downloaded in that email account will be PERMANENTLY deleted. Please contact us for assistance if [...]

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How do I use Password Manager on the Client Portal?

How do I use Password Manager on the Client Portal? Please login to the Client Portal (How do I logon to the Client Portal?) Once you have logged on, you can click the Password Manager (note: not Change Password) option under the Hello, (your name)! (or for some accounts it just reads "Hello!") at the [...]

How do I add my email account to my Android tablet or smart phone?

How do I add my email account to my Android tablet or smart phone? The steps vary quite a bit across various differing Android devices, and software versions, but the basics are: Touch the Settings icon Select Account Touch Add Account Select Personal (IMAP) When prompted for email or user and password, enter your full [...]

Telephone: Request Directory Listing

Our Directory Listing service allows you to submit a phone number for listing in several national directory listing databases.  Many directory assistance providers use these national databases for their listing information.  Most national databases will pick up the information within 6 to 8 weeks. Numbers must have completed porting before you may request a directory [...]

Pay your bill online

Our QuickPay system can be accessed very easily at https://pay.anySiteSolutions.com where you can easily enter the amount you wish to pay, your credit card information, and invoice number, and quickly pay without having to logon to the Client Portal system. Customer Portal - Pay Online You may also logon to the Client Portal system [...]

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How do I reset my Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc?

There are a couple of steps to reset some of the underlying power controllers and firmware on a Mac Computer. This has become even more important to know now that batteries are internal and non-removable. - MacBooks with a non-removable battery Shut down your Mac. On your built-in keyboard, press and hold all of these [...]

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