Access Database Server from Remote Host

========= QUESTION --------- Our web site is hosted on's web servers, and we need to access the MySQL or MSSQL database server from our local machines.   ========= ANSWER --------- LINUX HOSTING PLAN Login to the Hosting Control Panel Scroll down and click the Remote MySQL icon in the Databases section Enter the your [...]

What version are you running?

========= QUESTION --------- What version of mySQL, Microsft SQL, Windows, Linux, PHP, Perl, etc, are you running?   ========= ANSWER --------- Windows 2003 Hosting Accounts--- Perl: ActivePerl v5.10.0PHP: v4.4.9 and v5.2.6MySQL: v4.1.22 and v5.0.81Windows: Server 2003 R2 --------- Windows 2008 Hosting Accounts--- Perl: v5.10.0PHP: v5.2.13MySQL: v5.1.57Windows Server: 2008 R2 x64  --------- Linux Hosting Accounts--- Most versions can [...]

What are the hostnames of the database servers?

========= QUESTION --------- What are hostnames or DNS names of the database servers? How do I connect to the Database Server?   ========= ANSWER ---------Windows Hosting Accounts mySQL v4 = mysql4.YOURDOMAIN mySQL v5 = mysql5.YOURDOMAIN SQL2005 = SQL2005.YOURDOMAIN --------- Linux Hosting Accounts mySQL = localhost   ========= EXAMPLES ---------   ========= APPLIES TO / KEY [...]

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