How do I update my On Hold Music or Messages?

To update your On Hold Music or Messages, please Contact Support. Our support team can advise on how to record the message, or supply us with a script to record for you. Other options for recording include using the Voice Memos app on an iOS device, or downloading Easy Voice Recorder or Voice Recorder on an [...]

Unified Communications: Getting Started

Welcome to anySiteSolutions: Unified Communications anySiteSolutions UC is an all-in-one communications solution that brings together your phone system, chat, video, screen sharing, and file management into a seamless experience –in the office or on-the-go. In a few simple steps this guide will walk you through: Downloading the accompanying mobile and desktop applications Learning how to [...]

Telephone Taxes, Fees and Surcharges

What are all these taxes, fees and surcharges on my telephone bill? Universal Service Fund Surcharge — Federal and State The Universal Service Fund Surcharge is a tax that supports the Federal Universal Service Fund (Federal USF) and other federal and state government programs that promote universal access to telephone service. The Federal USF was established [...]

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Online Meeting Service

Online Meeting is a powerful meeting software option similar to WebEx or Zoom, but with greater integration to your Telephone system, lower price (free with your phone system*), and dedicated customer support onsite, or via phone or chat. Online Meeting may be easily accessed directly via the Elevate Desktop application, or the Elevate mobile app. [...]

How do I update my Telephone Auto Attendant outgoing message?

To record a greeting from a desk phone on your account: Dial your AutoAttendant extension (most of the time this is extension 900) Enter your recording PIN followed by '#'. Listen for the name of the Auto Attendant for which you wish to record a greeting, press that option and follow the prompts to [...]

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Changes to Telco Services Fee structure (February 2018)

Dear valued customer, Please note that, effective February 12, 2018, in light of increasing costs associated with regulatory compliance, a Regulatory Compliance Fee of $1.02 per line per month will be applied to telecommunications services delivered by  For more information and a FAQ, please refer to the following notes: --- The complexity and cost [...]

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How do we send and receive faxes using telephone service?

How do we send and receive faxes using telephone service? - All faxes sent to your fax number are conveniently delivered to you via email as a PDF attachment. If you would like to adjust what email address these are sent to, please contact support. If you would like to add additional fax numbers, [...]