How do I download a copy of my website?

Q. How do I download a complete copy of my website, or all the files in my website? --- A. You can attempt this via FTP connection, but many times due to timeouts this may not be very successful. Another option is to use CPanel's website backup feature and then download a single zip file [...]

I can’t change the folder I upload or publish to in my web site software

========= QUESTION --------- When I am ready to publish a new version of my web site, my web site editing software won't let me specify which folder to upload it to on the server. This means that all my web site content gets uploaded to my FTP Root folder, instead of my /wwwroot folder where [...]

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WordPress: How to add default content to your posts

========= QUESTION ---------I am constantly inputting the same boiler plate text and other content into my WordPress posts, is there a way to have a template of sorts, so you can always have the same text pre-populated in your WordPress Post? ========= ANSWER ---------Yes, there is a great plugin for just that need called 'Default Post [...]

WordPress: Permalinks, Clean URLs and .htaccess

=========QUESTION---------We are trying to setup Permalinks and Clean URLs for our WordPress site, and need to know how to setup .htaccess on our Windows Hosting account. =========ANSWER---------From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings, PermalinksUnder Common Settings, set Custom Structure to:/%postname%/ Then add a .htaccess file to the root of your web site with the following [...]

PayPal: Buy Now Button Fees

=========What are the fees associated with a PayPal Buy Now button?---------The fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for all sales totalling less than $3000/monthExample:$100 Sale: $2.90 + $0.30 = $3.20 fee = $96.80 deposited to your account 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction for all sales totalling $3000 - $10,000/moExample:$100 Sale: $2.50 + $0.30 = [...]

Do you offer web site design?

Yes! We do offer web site design in addition to our hosting services, consulting, email, and many other technical services, we do of course do web design as well! We have staff on hand ready to:--Update or maintain an existing site--Add content or copy writing--Complete re-designs--Templated builds to allow you to do further updates on your [...]

What password do I need to publish my web site?

=========QUESTION---------I am trying to publish my web site to my hosting account.What password do I need to publish my web site? =========ANSWER---------This will normally be your FTP username and password that were delivered to you in your welcome email. FTP Host/Server: FTP.YOURDOMAINFTP User: YOURDOMAINFTP Pass: YOURPASSWORD   =========RELATED TOPICS---------How do I reset my FTP Password? [...]

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