Excel: Convert text to numbers

Excel 2016 or newer =TEXTJOIN("",TRUE,IFERROR((MID(A2,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A2))),1)*1),"")) Then copy that column to a new column - selecting values only Then note the error/note talking about numbers stored as text, and fix that.   REF: https://trumpexcel.com/extract-numbers-from-string-excel/#Extract-Numbers-from-String-in-Excel-Formula-for-Excel-2016

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How to block callers

Yealink T46 & T48 Navigate to Menu > Directory > Blocklist Tap the Add softkey or tap the Add button (touchscreen) Using the keypad, enter a Name for the Blocklisted contact Press the down arrow on the directional keypad or tap the Office Number field (touchscreen) Enter the phone number to blocklist Tap Save When a contact number is [...]

How do I remove an email account from Microsoft Outlook?

Before performing these steps, please be certain you do not need to first do a backup of the email account contents currently available to you in Outlook. Removing an account from Microsoft Oultook is irreversible, and any content you have downloaded in that email account will be PERMANENTLY deleted. Please contact us for assistance if [...]

What is a UPS?

A UPS is what may be commonly referred to as a Battery Backup. UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. The main purpose of a UPS is to supply continuous power to your equipment in the event of a power failure or outage. Or even just if the supply gets unplugged accidentally. We tend to install [...]

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How do I add my email account to my Android tablet or smart phone?

How do I add my email account to my Android tablet or smart phone? The steps vary quite a bit across various differing Android devices, and software versions, but the basics are: Touch the Settings icon Select Account Touch Add Account Select Personal (IMAP) When prompted for email or user and password, enter your full [...]

Telephone: Request Directory Listing

Our Directory Listing service allows you to submit a phone number for listing in several national directory listing databases.  Many directory assistance providers use these national databases for their listing information.  Most national databases will pick up the information within 6 to 8 weeks. Numbers must have completed porting before you may request a directory [...]

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