Android: Outlook: How to save sent items

I am using the Microsoft Outlook app on my Android smart phone to access my email hosted at For some reason whenever I send an email using my phone, the email does not get saved to my Sent Items folder? To set your account to automatically save copies of your sent items, open the [...]

iOS: Purchase apps for an organization or multiple devices

========= QUESTION --------- I am rolling out several iPads and iPod Touches across an organization, and need a way to purchase multiple copies of apps across several devices. How do we do this without having to setup several individual iTunes accounts?     ========= ANSWER --------- Setup an Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program) account first. This [...]

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Manage iPads, iPhones with the iPhone Configuration Utility

========= QUESTION ---------Can we manage our iPads and iPhones?   ========= ANSWER ---------Yes - use the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple   ========= EXAMPLES ---------   ========= APPLIES TO / KEY WORDS ---------   ========= REF ---------   ---

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How do I view all of my Google Calendars on my iPhone?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I view all of my calendars or sub calendars on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?   ========= ANSWER --------- It is impossible to find this setting naturally through all of Google's complicated settings and menus. All you have to do though is logon to your gmail account, and then click [...]

How do I configure my email settings on my iPhone or iPad?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I configure my iPhone or iPad for my email account?   ========= ANSWER --------- On the iPhone or iPad, touch the Settings icon Touch 'Passwords & Accounts' Under Accounts, touch Add Account... Touch Other Under Mail, touch Add Mail Account Fill in the Name and Description with anything you like, [...]

How do I print from my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I print from my iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)?   ========= ANSWER --------- Apple's Air Print is the ideal solution for this. AirPrint capability is built in to iOS v4.2 or later, and is very simply called via the action button in many applications. (example: open an email and click [...]

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Blackberry: Enterprise Activation

========= QUESTION --------- I just got a new Blackberry phone, how do I perform the Enterprise Activation to get my corporate email account, contacts and calendar synced to my new phone?   ========= ANSWER --------- OS 6 Options, Advanced Options, Enterprise ActivationEnter your full email address ( the activation password provided to you by the [...]

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iOS Device Screen Icons for your Web Site

========= QUESTION --------- When a user adds a web site to their home screen on their iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), how do I make my icon appear on their screen instead of the default icon.   =========ANSWER---------Include an image file named apple-touch-icon.png in the root directory of your web site. iOS takes care of [...]

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Can I work with Microsoft Office documents on my iPhone, iPad, iTouch?

Yes! You can work with (Open, Edit, Save, Create New, etc) Microsoft Office documents on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, any iOS device. The best app we have found for doing so is Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite.This app hooks up to your DropBox account and allows you complete access to any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint [...]

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