Why not use Gmail?

We of course work with several clients that use gmail for their businesses, and want to know why we always make one of our very first suggestions that they migrate away from such an easy to use service. A few reasons immediately come to mind: Privacy: Google is in the business of data gathering. They [...]

Gmail: Setup up alias to outside address

========= QUESTION ---------We use Gmail for our email service, and need to setup an email Alias@OurDomain to forward to Email@OutsideDomain - is this doable?   ========= ANSWER ---------Yes - simply setup a new Group, and then set the member(s) of that group to the Email@OutsideDomain email address.  Be sure to set the group to allow [...]

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How do I view all of my Google Calendars on my iPhone?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I view all of my calendars or sub calendars on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?   ========= ANSWER --------- It is impossible to find this setting naturally through all of Google's complicated settings and menus. All you have to do though is logon to your gmail account, and then click [...]

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