Copy directory structure without files

========= QUESTION --------- Can you copy over the directory structure from one folder to another without copying the files in those directories?   ========= ANSWER --------- Use XCOPY from the Command Prompt using the /t and /e switches to include empty directories and subdirectories. See EXAMPLES   ========= EXAMPLES ---------xcopy "Q:PRODDATAReports" "C:UsersmyUserDocumentsSubDirSystemsQReports" /t /e   [...]

How do you view the DNS records for a domain?

========= QUESTION --------- How do you view the DNS records for a domain?   ========= ANSWER --------- If you are a client:  If you are simply looking in general, you can do so on a Windows PC by opening the command prompt and typing the commands in the EXAMPLES area.   ========= EXAMPLES --------- [...]

How do I ping a web site address?

=========QUESTION---------How do I ping a web site address? =========ANSWER---------In Microsoft Windows: Start button, Run, type COMMAND, click [OK]A black window titled Command Prompt should openAt the prompt type the following:PING WEBSITENAME (replace WEBSITENAME with your domain name) --------- In Macintosh OS X: Launch Terminal (open Spotlight by pressing Command + Space bar, and type Terminal)A small [...]

Variables in Batch Files and Commands

=========REF--------- =========EXAMPLES---------Test the following by typingECHO %username%, etc at the command prompt %username% %computername% %systemroot% =========APPLIES TO / KEYWORDS---------Microsoft DOSMS-DOSBatchCommandsVariables ---

How do I FTP using DOS Commands?

=========REF: =========ANSWER: Open a command prompt on your PC:Click the Start button, select RunType: COMMANDClick [OK] At the command prompt: ("text" to be entered at the command prompt is in quotes ; <keystrokes> to be typed are in carats)"FTP"<enter>"open"<enter> Enter your username  and hit <enter>Enter your password and hit <enter> =========EXAMPLES ---------"cd [...]

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