How do I remove an email account from Microsoft Outlook?

Before performing these steps, please be certain you do not need to first do a backup of the email account contents currently available to you in Outlook. Removing an account from Microsoft Oultook is irreversible, and any content you have downloaded in that email account will be PERMANENTLY deleted. Please contact us for assistance if [...]

Outlook for Mac 2016: Profiles

How can we view the profiles in Outlook 2016 for Mac ? Open the Applications folder Right-click Microsoft Outlook, Show Package Contents In the Contents folder open Shared Support Run Outlook Profile Manager   KEYWORDS Outlook Macintosh OSX Profiles REF  

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Outlook: Disable Outlook security prompt for sending

========= QUESTION ---------How do I disable the Outlook security prompts when I am using another program to send email?   ========= ANSWER ---------There are likely dozens of different options out there - one of our favorites though has been using this third party program:    ========= EXAMPLES ---------   ========= APPLIES TO / KEY [...]

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Deleting cached address from NK2 doesn’t fix NDR

========= QUESTION ---------We migrated our Exchange server to's hosted Exchange service, and now when send new emails we get NDR 5.1.1 errors even after deleting the NK2 file or cached email addresses.   ========= ANSWER ---------This issue occurs because the value for the LegacyExchangeDN attribute changed. The auto-complete cache in Microsoft Outlook and in [...]

Outlook 2013 Spell Check Not Working

========= QUESTION ---------I recently upgrade just my Microsoft Outlook install to 2013, and left my other Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, etc at the previous version. Ever since then, Outlook spell check does not work. Most missed is the red underline for misspelled words as I type.  When I go into File tab, Options, and [...]

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Import .NK2 files or Suggested Contacts into Outlook 2013

========= QUESTION --------- How do I import my old .nk2 files or Suggested Contacts into my new Outlook 2013 install?   ========= ANSWER --------- Make sure the NK2 files are in the following folder: %appdata%MicrosoftOutlook Note the file must have the same name as your Outlook Profile (default profile is named "Outlook") Start, Run, outlook.exe [...]

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Outlook: Disable Add-Ins

========= QUESTION --------- How do I disable an individual Outlook Add-In?   ========= ANSWER --------- Outlook 2010: File, Options, Add-InsSelect COM Add-Ins from the Manage drop down list at the bottom of the window, and click [Go...]Un-Check the box next to the add-in you wish to disable and click [OK]   ========= EXAMPLES --------- see [...]

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Outlook Add-In: Outlook Redemption

========= QUESTION --------- I noticed a new Plug-In in my Microsoft Outlook Add-In Manager called Redemption Helper Outlook Extension - what is it? --------- I found a pop-up error waiting for me on my computer this morning as follows: Microsoft Office OutlookOutlook experienced a serious problem with the 'redemption helper outlook extension' add-in. If you [...]

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Outlook Error: Outlook cannot display this view

========= QUESTION --------- When I click a folder or my inbox in Microsoft Outlook, I get an error pop-up stating "Outlook cannot display this view" with nothing but an OK button. How do I fix?   ========= ANSWER --------- Shutdown Outlook, then go to Start, Run, and type: Outlook.exe /CleanViews   ========= EXAMPLES ---------see ANSWER [...]

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Outlook: Edit or add notes to email in your Inbox or Personal Folders

========= QUESTION --------- I would like to write some notes, or documentation on an email I received from someone else that is in my inbox, or a folder in my Personal Folders.   ========= ANSWER --------- Double-click, or open the email From the Actions section of the Message ribbon or tab, select Edit Message (Keyboard [...]

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