Windows XP browse Windows 7 shares

========= QUESTION --------- I cannot get my Windows XP machine to successfully browse file shares I have setup on my Windows 7 machine?   ========= ANSWER --------- Win 7 | Control Panel | Network & Sharing | Advanced Sharing Settings: - Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption Win 7 | [...]

FTP: Pass user and pass in url to Windows Explorer

========= QUESTION --------- I want to provide our users a quick url to access our FTP site without them having to type in their username and password. Is this possible?   ========= ANSWER ---------Yes - simply have them type the following into the address bar of Windows Explorer:  ftp://USER:PASS@FTPHOST   To provide a shortcut file on [...]

How do I use Windows Explorer to FTP into my web site?

========= QUESTION --------- I need a more intuitive way to work with my FTP files, folders, and structure than I currently have with my FTP Software. Is there a way to simply use Windows Explorer to access my FTP files and folders?   ========= ANSWER --------- Open Windows Explorer (Start, Run, Explorer.exe) In the address [...]

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