MSTR: DataMart: Execute Query failed: identifier is too long

========= QUESTION --------- When attempting to execute a DataMart in MicroStrategy, it fails with the following error: --- The following History List delivery was not successful. Delivery/update and destination information: Run at: <DATE> <TIME> Error message: (QueryEngine encountered error: Execute Query failed. Error type: Odbc error. Odbc operation attempted: SQLExecDirect. [S1000:972: on HSTMT] [MicroStrategy][ODBC Oracle [...]

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Write a MicroStrategy Report to a database table

========= QUESTION --------- How do I make a MicroStrategy report populate a database table, rather than outputting to a static report?   ========= ANSWER --------- This feature is called a DataMart. Edit the report in MSTR DesktopSelect Configure DataMart... from the Data menu  Enter a new table name* in the Table Name field*Note: the table name [...]

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