Cisco: ASA: Show VPN commands

========= QUESTION --------- How do I see the active VPN sessions on a Cisco ASA Firewall?   ========= ANSWER --------- see EXAMPLES below   ========= EXAMPLES --------- confirm the number of active sessions: show vpn-sess summary confirm the number of webvpn sessions: show vpn-sess web confirm the number of anyconnect sessions: show vpn-sess svc   [...]

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How do you setup AirPort Express to extend a wireless network through a wired connection?

========= QUESTION ---------How do you setup an Apple AirPort Express to extend a wireless network not wirelessly, but through a switch already wired to the main AirPort Extreme base station?    ========= ANSWER --------- Close AirPort Utility if is open. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the AirPort Express. Perform a Hard Reset on the AirPort Express [...]

View Available Wireless Networks is missing

========= QUESTION --------- I want to use Windows to configure my wireless network connections, but my computer or network hardware manufacturer's software has disabled this feature. How do I re-enable it?   ========= ANSWER --------- Windows XP The issue is the Wireless Zero Configuration service has been disabled or stopped. Open the Services applet from [...]