How do I add/edit/manage the DNS Records for my domain?

How do I add new, edit existing, or simply manage the DNS Records for my domain name? --- You can easily do this a number of ways. Please contact support for information specific to your domain, or try one of the following: Access Logon to the anySiteSolutions Client Portal (How to logon to Client [...]

Internet Connected, but Browser Not Working

========= QUESTION --------- I am on the Internet. I can Ping web page addresses, I can connect via remote desktop, etc... But none of my browsers work?   ========= ANSWER --------- This is most likely due to malware of some other setting change. Try some of the options in the EXAMPLES section and see if [...]


========= QUESTION ---------I received an email today with the subject line "IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for" domain. Why did I receive this?    ========= ANSWER ---------This is a new step in the domain registration process which was introduced on January 1st, 2014.  To take care of this step, please click the "Click here to verify your [...]


========= QUESTION --------- I received an email today with the subject line: "Domain Notification: COMPANY NAME. This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing - DOMAIN". Is this legitimate?   ========= ANSWER --------- NO - this is unsolicited commercial email (more commonly referred to as SPAM). Please ignore this notice, and/or contact us immediately to [...]

How do I edit my local HOSTS file?

I need to edit my local HOSTS file to redirect my web requests for my web site to my development server rather than the live web server, how do I do this? WINDOWS Using Windows Explorer, browse to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (older versions of windows go to: C:\windows\hosts) Locate the file titled "hosts" Right-click the file, left-click [...]

White label NameServers and Domain Names

========= QUESTION --------- What registrar, hosting company, or data center is responsible for these white label Name Servers and Domain Names?   ========= ANSWER --------- = = (,,, = Rackspace = Rackspace = GoDaddy (generally used for their mysql database servers and things of that [...]

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How do I check the availability of a domain name for registration?

========= QUESTION --------- We need to see if a new domain name we would like to register is available - how can we do that?   ========= ANSWER --------- You can always simply email your sales rep, or and we can check into it for you. --------- You can also browse on your [...]

How do I add an SPF record in DNS for my domain?

========= QUESTION --------- How do I add an SPF record in DNS for my domain?   ========= ANSWER --------- Logon to your control panel Navigate to the DNS Settings area Be sure to review the DNS records already listed to make sure there isn't already an SPF record you should edit. Click Add NewSelect [...]

How do you view the DNS records for a domain?

========= QUESTION --------- How do you view the DNS records for a domain?   ========= ANSWER --------- If you are a client:  If you are simply looking in general, you can do so on a Windows PC by opening the command prompt and typing the commands in the EXAMPLES area.   ========= EXAMPLES --------- [...]

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