Android: Outlook: How to save sent items

I am using the Microsoft Outlook app on my Android smart phone to access my email hosted at For some reason whenever I send an email using my phone, the email does not get saved to my Sent Items folder? To set your account to automatically save copies of your sent items, open the [...]

Setup Smartermail Calendar on iPhone, iPad

How do I setup my Smartermail calendar on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod? On your iOS device, tap Settings, Accounts & Passwords, Add Account, Other, Add CalDAV Account Fill in the fields as follows, and then tap Next at the upper right. Server: User Name: (your full email address) Password: (your email password) Description: (whatever you would like to name [...]

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How do I search multiple folders in webmail?

How do I search multiple folders in webmail? Answer:  1. Please click the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the webmail interface. 2. Advanced Search window comes up 3. Enter the search term you are looking for, click the Add Criteria option, scroll down, and click Folder. 4. To search all folders, leave [...]

Why not use Gmail?

We of course work with several clients that use gmail for their businesses, and want to know why we always make one of our very first suggestions that they migrate away from such an easy to use service. A few reasons immediately come to mind: Privacy: Google is in the business of data gathering. They [...]

Office 365 / Hosted Exchange: Hybrid Domain, Domain CoExistence

I want to setup a few of our email users on Office 365 or Hosted Exchange, but want to leave the bulk of our users still hosted on our regular IMAP/POP/SMTP server. Is this do-able?   --- Yes - simply follow these steps, and you will be all set: Setup the regular SMTP/POP/IMAP Mail Server: [...]

Hosted Exchange: Change your domain name

========= QUESTION --------- We use's hosted exchange service, and need to change our email domain name for example from to ( now needs to be   ========= ANSWER --------- First verify the new domain name.  Then logon to the Hosted Exchange portal, click Admin, Users and Groups. Select the checkbox for all users, [...]

Deleting cached address from NK2 doesn’t fix NDR

========= QUESTION ---------We migrated our Exchange server to's hosted Exchange service, and now when send new emails we get NDR 5.1.1 errors even after deleting the NK2 file or cached email addresses.   ========= ANSWER ---------This issue occurs because the value for the LegacyExchangeDN attribute changed. The auto-complete cache in Microsoft Outlook and in [...]

Bounceback emails for messages we did not send

========= QUESTION ---------All of a sudden this morning we are getting tons of bounce back email messages for emails we did not send. What is going on?    ========= ANSWER --------- If these are bounce back messages, or email delivery failures for messages you truly did not originally send, the term used to describe this phenomenon [...]

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

========= QUESTION ---------How do I configure Mozilla's Thunderbird Email Client for my email hosted with    ========= ANSWER ---------Checking the configuration on an already existing account: Tools menu, Account Settings  Select Server Settings under the account you wish to check on the leftEnter Mail.YOURDOMAIN in the Server Name fieldEnter 143 in the Port fieldEnter your [...]