Hibu (beware)

========= QUESTION --------- I received an email today from a company called Hibu? Offering to build us a web site for free. Is this legitimate?   ========= ANSWER --------- We have actually been working with a number of clients lately who have been unfortunately tricked into doing business with Hibu. It seems like a great [...]

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SPAM: Domain Listing Expired

We have been seeing quite a few of our customer receive a spam email lately with a subject line of "Domain Listing Expired" It all looks very official with various pricing levels for 1 year at $75, 2 years at $119, etc... While appearing possibly valid, this email is, in fact, spam. Please delete immediately. [...]

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========= QUESTION --------- I received an email today with the subject line: "Domain Notification: COMPANY NAME. This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing - DOMAIN". Is this legitimate?   ========= ANSWER --------- NO - this is unsolicited commercial email (more commonly referred to as SPAM). Please ignore this notice, and/or contact us immediately to [...]

Domin name registation confirmation request

========= QUESTION ---------I received an email with a subject line of "<my domain> domain name registration confirmation request" claiming to be the authorized anti-cyber squatting org in China, demanding we respond, etc... Is this legitimate? Do I need to respond?   ========= ANSWER ---------NO! This is yet another Domain Registration Scam Ignore   ========= EXAMPLES ---------Dear [...]

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Rogue email

I just almost got suckered… See the attached pic of an email I just received. It is a VERY convincing facsimile of a quite valid, seemingly normal email I would receive from my many Amazon.com subscriptions. HOWEVER, in actuality, had I clicked on any of the links in the email it would have taken me [...]

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