Hibu (beware)

I received an email today from a company called Hibu? Offering to build us a web site for free.
Is this legitimate?


We have actually been working with a number of clients lately who have been unfortunately tricked into doing business with Hibu.

It seems like a great offer, and makes sense, but the issue that comes up is that they usually set you up with a completely separate domain name for a completely separate web site, leaving you with now two web sites to maintain, your original one and now this new one. They also maintain strict ownership of this new domain name, leaving you with no recourse should you choose to work someone else.

The additional web site also confuses your visitors, and gets in the way of your site’s SEO.

Please always consult with a trusted technical advisor before answering ads like this, or registering new domain names with someone you are unfamiliar with.


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