How do I replace the SIM Card on my LTE Modem?

If your LTE Modem shows connected, but only has a 4G icon, and not the 4G LTE icon, then it is likely an issue with the SIM card.

The following details are provided as a rough guide to support you while on the phone with anySiteSolutions.

Purchase a new SIM Card:

  1. Go to Best Buy or Target, and purchase a new AT&T PrePaid SIM Card. If they offer to help with activation, please decline.
  2. Once you get it purchased, please immediately take a picture of the back of the card 20 digit SIM Card number and bar code and email the picture to 
    It is important to get us that number ASAP, as sometimes it can take several hours for the database to get updated, so the sooner we can get that number, the better. 




Install the new SIM Card:

  1. Before starting, please be certain you are in a clean, well-lit work area, where you will be able to find any dropped SIM, tools, etc.
  2. Using a straightened paper clip or pin, eject the old SIM Card by pressing the pin into the eject hole on the SIM tray on the edge of your modem.
  3. The SIM Card tray will pop out, and the SIM Card may drop out of the tray and on to your work surface. Collect the old SIM, and take a well-focused picture of the 20 digit number so we can keep that old number documented.
  4. Take the new SIM and carefully break away the excess plastic to bring it down to its smallest size, place it in the tray in the appropriate orientation, and slide it back into the modem.



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