How do I troubleshoot my LTE Internet Connection?

Check the Modem

  1. 4G LTE
    Take a look at the LCD Screen of your modem, at the top left, it should have the Cell Phone Signal Bars, and next to that, a 4G or 4G LTE icon. It must read 4G LTE for your service to be active.
  2. Reboot
    Many times a simple reboot will do wonders. Please hold down the physical power button at the top edge of your modem until you get a Shutdown prompt and then press the shutdown button on the screen. Once the screen goes dark, count to 10, and then press and hold the physical power button on the top edge of your modem once more until you see the display light up and then let go. Once the modem is powered back on, check for the cell signal and 4G LTE icon.

Check the Bridge

  1. Reboot
    The bridge is the small white box about the size of a deck of cards with one network cable and one power cable (similar to a cell phone charger power cable) plugged into it. To reboot this box, simply pull the power cable, count to 10 and plug back in.