How do I turn off Personal Hotspot?

I want to plug my iPhone into my computer to charge the battery or sync to iTunes, but I do not want to use it as a Personal Hotspot, because I have a better wireless or wired network connection instead.

How do I disable the Internet connection through my phone?


The simplest way is on the phone itself:
Tap Settings, Personal Hotspot
Slide the Personal Hotspot switch from ON to OFF and you’re all set.

Another way on the computer itself:

Windows 7

Click the network icon in the system tray (the tray of icons next to the clock)
Click Open Network and Sharing Center
(you can also open Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel)
Click the Change adapter settings link in the left column to open the Network Connections window
(you can also open the Network Connections window directly by running the command ncpa.dll)
Right-click the Apple Mobile Device Ethernet adapter/connection and select Disable.
(note – this connection will not be visible unless the Personal Hotspot feature is turned on in the iPhone)

This method is a more global option, in that it leaves the network adapter disabled until you manually enable it again, meaning you don’t have to constantly flip the iPhone Personal Hotspot feature to OFF each time you connect.




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