Pay Online


We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our client portal to a much more powerful and user-friendly system, and with that, have now retired the old client system.

The new client portal has an easier to use online payment option now available here:

Please use that link to pay your bill online. Thank you!

As always, you can pay with no fee by sending us a check at our PO Box 16363 Duluth MN 55816 address.
With this new system, you may also pay without a fee by choosing ACH or Debit Card, and if you would like to make a credit card payment there will be a simple  2.9% processing fee separately charged.

To logon to the client portal to review your tickets, assets, projects, etc, you may visit the client portal at:

The old system at is now retired and will eventually be taken offline and become unavailable within the coming months.

Please contact us to request a login to the new Client Portal.

How To…

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