How to Create a Mailing List

Mailing lists are a good way to send a message or series of messages to many people at once. For example, many companies use mailing lists to email newsletters, promotional offers, or information about product updates to subscribers. NOTE: The mailing list feature must be enabled for the domain before creating a mailing list. For [...]

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Changes to Telco Services Fee structure (February 2018)

Dear valued customer, Please note that, effective February 12, 2018, in light of increasing costs associated with regulatory compliance, a Regulatory Compliance Fee of $1.02 per line per month will be applied to telecommunications services delivered by anySiteSolutions.com.  For more information and a FAQ, please refer to the following notes: --- The complexity and cost [...]

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How do I manage my anySite.network?

How do I manage y network using the (myDomain).anySite.network interface my anySiteSolutions.com consultant provided us? Logon using the username and password provided to you. Please note - Google Chrome is the only supported browser for this system Once logged on, select the site you are working with from the CURRENT SITE dropdown at the upper [...]

How do I add a separate billing address to my account?

My credit card bills to a different address than the address I have on my account? Can I add a separate billing address to my account so my credit card charges don't get declined? Yes - please follow these steps: Logon to the Client Portal (how to can be found here: How do I logon to [...]

How do I clear my browser cache?

I am loading a website my developer asked me to review changes on, but I am still seeing the old site? How do I clear my Cache? ... Google Chrome: Open your web browser (in this case, Google Chrome) On the browser toolbar, click More . Point to More tools, and then click Clear browsing data. In [...]

How do I add/edit/manage the DNS Records for my domain?

How do I add new, edit existing, or simply manage the DNS Records for my domain name? --- You can easily do this a number of ways. Please contact support for information specific to your domain, or try one of the following: If your domain is registered with us, and your website is hosted with [...]

Windows 10: Disable Ads

How do I disable Ads in Windows 10? Can you disable the Ads in the Windows 10 Start Menu? How To:  Start, settings, personalization, Start, Occasionally show suggestions in Start: OFF Start, settings, personalization, Lock screen: - Background: anything BUT Windows Spotlight. - Get fun facts, tips and more... : Uncheck Start Menu, right click the [...]

Disable Windows Defender

How do I disable Windows Defender? Every time I turn it off, it comes back on by itself. You can disable Windows Defender either by using Group Policy or the Windows Registry. Group Policy gpedit.msc Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender On the right: Turn off Windows Defender Select Enabled Windows [...]

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