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Q. How do I Transfer a Phone Call?

Many of our customers prefer to use the Park feature to transfer calls within the office.
Please review the How do I Park a Phone Call section below for details.

Transfer a Call

While on the call, ask your caller to please hold, and press the Transfer soft key at the bottom of the display.

Enter the extension number, or phone number you would like to transfer the call to.
-You may also choose to touch the Directory button to transfer to one of your Directory contacts.
-You may also choose to touch the Home button, and select from one of the Speed Dial buttons.

OPTION 1: Blind Transfer
Press Transfer again to immediately transfer the call.
This hangs up your phone, and the call simply rings on the recipient’s phone.

OPTION 2: Warm Transfer
Wait for the receiving party to answer, inform them of who you are transferring (this conversation occurs in private, while the caller is placed on hold), and then press the Transfer button to complete the transfer.
This hangs up your phone, and the receiving phone is then connected to the call you transferred.


Q. How do I Park a phone call?

While on the call, ask your caller to please hold, and then press the PARK speed dial key, or dial # + 7 to park a phone call.

The Auto Attendant will come on and inform you which extension the call has been parked on, and then hang up.

Now the call is on hold and playing on-hold music to the caller.

Now anyone in the office, or using the Smart Phone, Desktop, or Tablet telephone app, may simply dial that extension to pickup the call.


Q. How do I place a call on Hold?

Modern phone systems no longer have a Hold option. Please see the more powerful Park feature above.

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